Grade 8

Overview: Programs for Students in Grade 8


  • Apptastic! 8 (winter)

    In the TUSC IT Lab, students learn how to create and package their own Android apps through a series of logic sequencing and hands-on lessons. Completed apps can then be installed on any Android device; connections to Math and Science and Technology
    This program takes place in the TUSC IT Lab at Danforth CTI 

  • Focus on Kensington (fall and spring)

Kensington provides an excellent example of how various waves of immigrants (from 1850 to the present) took action to overcome challenges of moving to a new home. Students tour the area and study the effect on our city; connections to Social Studies
This program takes place at Kensington Community School


Taylor Creek Park is a natural-urban area with a number of streams flowing through its ravine that lead eventually to Lake Ontario. Students go into the valley to uncover what is happening from an ecological perspective; connections to Geography, Mathematics and Science & Technology
This program takes place in Taylor Creek Park

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