Grade 8

Overview: Programs for Students in Grade 8


  • Apptastic! 8 (winter)

    In the TUSC IT Lab, students learn how to create and package their own Android apps through a series of logic sequencing and hands-on lessons. Completed apps can then be installed on any Android device; connections to Math and Science and Technology
    This program takes place in the TUSC IT Lab at Danforth CTI 

  • Focus on Kensington (fall and spring)

Kensington provides an excellent example of how various waves of immigrants (from 1850 to the present) took action to overcome challenges of moving to a new home. Students tour the area and study the effect on our city; connections to Social Studies
This program takes place at Kensington Community School


Taylor Creek Park is a natural-urban area with a number of streams flowing through its ravine that lead eventually to Lake Ontario. Students go into the valley to uncover what is happening from an ecological perspective; connections to Geography, Mathematics and Science & Technology
This program takes place in Taylor Creek Park


Students begin making and analysing a map of Toronto and their route to TUSC. Using a special web app, they study the cross sectional profile of Toronto and identify creeks and rivers. In the afternoon, they use a world map and add: a population density overlay, and use this to identify conurbations on each continent. The final piece is making a Story Map tour of each conurbation, using the internet to find relevant info and a photo of each urban area. Maps are created at TUSC and can be revised back at school, from any computer; connections to Geography and Media Literacy
This program takes place in the TUSC IT Lab at Danforth CTI 


Working in the STEM Lab at Kensington Community School, students use recycled materials to build models of sustainable housing, and investigate and discuss the environmental impact of how we live
This program takes place in Kensington Community School and will become available once operational procedures allow.

This virtual version of our Live Streaming program allows students to assess the impact of human activities on the sustainability of water resources while they investigate the factors that affect the water quality of Toronto's Taylor Creek.; connections to GeographyMathematics and Science & Technology

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