Post Visit Activities

After Your Program

If your students missed any activities, you can use these resources to try them back in class.
As all our resources are stored in our AW Google Drive, please log in with your TDSB email and password.

Start with:


If you’d like to print extra booklets, download:

Here are some photos of the plants used in the greenhouse (a zip file - after clicking, use the Download button at the top (downward arrow)).
In the IT Lab, there is one activity for you to do in class, "#4 Standing Tall" (testing columns). We have one video recreating the activity that you can do yourself, or show the video to your class. There is a second video taking the activity further, by filling a cylinder with sand; you may try this yourself, but much easier to show the video! 

If you would like to keep working with the bridge software, download: 


We have some extra resources on bridges: