Art Everywhere

Art Everywhere

Students will spend the day outdoors at Kew Beach or a green space near their school.  Using nature as their inspiration, students will explore and learn about the various elements of art, such as line, shape, texture and colour while observing, exploring and investigating the natural environment.



Curriculum Connections:

  • Visual Arts: 
    • Creating and Presenting; Reflecting, Responding and Analyzing


Character Development:

  • program emphasizes respect, responsibility, teamwork, perseverance and co-operation

Program Length: one day (9:30 am - 2:00 pm)
Availability: fall (September to November) and spring (May to June)
Location: Kew Beach or local green space
Fee: Please find information on the price structure here.

User fees help ensure the continuation of these learning experiences through partial cost recovery; fee schedule reflect rates subsidized by the Toronto District School Board.

TTC: FREE for kids under 12 years

Maximum 30 students