Grade 3

Overview: Programs for Students in Grade 3


In this engaging program, students become young scientists challenged to investigate "What is the best soil for plants?". Using the familiar terms "ingredients" and "recipe" to consider the differences between soils; connections to Science & Technology

Using TDSB's 1890s replica schoolhouse, students are invited to explore what schooling was like for children during this time period. This offering includes an interactive exploration of the land we now call Toronto. Residential Schools, early Canadian schooling and the diversity of Toronto's past will be addressed and used to compare to how schooling is currently experienced. Participants will be supported in learning about Toronto’s past as a rural landscape and a bustling urban environment.  This program introduces both the good and the bad in a developmentally appropriate way.  Connections will be made through Social Studies and Language.

* This program was updated in consultation with the UIEC (Urban Indigenous Education Centre)

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