Pre-Visit Information

Learning from the Past: The Good & The Bad

Pre-Program Information

To ensure a successful day, it is essential to review BOTH the Program Specific Information below AND the General Guidelines!

NOTE:  This program best suits students in grade 3.
(Grade 2/3 split classes are NOT recommended.)
We strongly advise combining split classes to only bring grade 3 students, when possible.  

Program Specific Information

  1. The TTC is FREE for kids under 12
  2. The setting for our program could act as a trigger regarding traumatic experiences linked to residential schools. Please prepare your students and visiting adults for this possibility

Program Location and Travel Instructions

The Century Schoolhouse is located at 502 Sammon Avenue at the north east corner of Sammon and Durant Avenues (seven blocks north of Danforth Avenue, one block west of Coxwell Avenue). 


Go to the Coxwell Subway Station. Take the O’Connor 70 or 70A bus north (or walk) to Sammon Avenue and walk west towards Durant Avenue.

By School Bus:

drop-off & pick-up: Stop on the north side of Sammon Avenue in front of the main door of the Century Schoolhouse.