Pre-Visit Information Ravines

Live Streaming (formerly Ravine Stewardship)

Pre-Visit Information

For your convenience, a partially completed 511C Form is provided (pdf format).To ensure a successful day, it is essential to review BOTH the Program Specific Information below AND the General Guidelines!


Program Specific Information

1. Before coming to the program, divide the students into pairs. Please consider how students are partnered as they will be working together all day to complete a variety of activities.

2. Put two pairs together to make a group of 4.

3. Before coming, remind students:
  • this program is not “an outing”, it is a “work day”
  • bring an extra bottle of water
  • all program materials are provided
4. Students need to bring a packed lunch and a drink. TUSC is a Platinum EcoSchool - Waste-Free Lunches are expected!

5. Students need two TTC tickets: one to get to the program and one to return to school.


Location and Travel Instructions

Taylor Creek Park has multiple access points, but TUSC staff will meet you at ....

by TTC:

Go to the ...

by School Bus:

Buses stop ...