Grade 4

Overview: Programs for Students in Grade 4


Available at High Park or your local green space, students actively explore how energy flows through a habitat. Abiotic elements (sun, water, air, and nutrients) are the key to energy transfer. Students learn about life cycles and webs involved; connections to Science & Technology

How do you hold open a hole in a wall? Students investigate three solutions to this age-old problem through hands-on, kinesthetic activities and along the way, learn a  brief architectural history of Western Europe by way of Greek and Roman structural design. Emphasis is placed on the development of building design from Greek to Roman and finally Gothic form, a key architectural style of the Medieval period.; connections to Social Studies

In this fun, interactive day, students learn the value of working in teams and what takes to co-operate and achieve difficult things together; connections to Health & Physical Education - Living Skills

Explore the plant communities found in different habitats in the safety of TUSC’s greenhouse; connections to Science & Technology

In the TUSC IT Lab, students use natural materials and technology to investigate a variety of patterns in nature and the built environment; connections to Mathematics

Armed with a map, photo clues, magnifiers and cameras, students find, describe, identify and photograph the rocks found on selected buildings/structures on the campus of the University of Toronto; connections to Science & Technology  


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