High Park

High Park

map to high park

For Classes Arriving by TTC

  • take the subway to High Park Station
  • exit through the east  end of the station (past the busses) to High Park Ave.
  • turn right  (south) and walk to Bloor St. W
  • cross to the south side, and meet the TUSC staff at the main entrance to the park (by the brick wall)
  • please note: the terrain in High Park may present challenges for students in wheelchairs; contact TUSC for more information


Adult Supervision

When travelling with your class to and from your TUSC program, please ensure that you follow the TDSB guidelines set out in the Excursion Policy; note that one additional adult is essential.

For Classes Arriving by School Bus

  • Busses should enter the park via the North entrance at Bloor St. and High Park Ave.
  • Busses should drop off at the Black Oak Cafe (see map above), TUSC staff will be there looking for you
  • Bus drivers can park at the Grenadier Cafe
  • Wild in the City and Urban Oasis classes should pick up at the Grenadier Cafe parking lot
  • Plants and High Park’s Early Settlers classes should pick up outside Colbourne Lodge

high park bus map