Pre-Visit Information

Structures in the City

Pre-Visit Information

For your convenience, a partially completed 511C form is provided (pdf format). 

To ensure a successful day, it is essential to review BOTH the Program Specific Information below AND the General Guidelines!

1. Before your visit, organize students into groups of four (two pairs of students per group); maximum number of groups: 8.

2. Before your visit, remind students:

  • this program is not “an outing”, it is a “work day”
  • dress appropriately for the program. Afternoon activities are completed “rain or shine” and it is always 5 degrees cooler by the lake
  • during field work, good sidewalk etiquette is required - walking in pairs behind each other and leaving enough space on the sidewalk for other pedestrians
  • bring an extra bottle of water - no drinking fountains
  • all program materials, including pencils and clipboards, are provided

3. Students need to bring a packed lunch and a drink. TUSC is a Platinum EcoSchool - Waste-Free Lunches are expected!

4. Students need three TTC tickets: one to get to the program; one for travel during the program; and one to return to school. The TTC is free for 12 and under.

5. The afternoon visit to Downtown includes the use of an Android app (developed and published by TUSC) on our tablets; the photographs taken by students are done with the app, and these photos are uploaded to a web page for your class to view the fieldwork. The URL to this web page is not published, and is only accessible through an email sent to the teacher. However, we highly encourage students to avoid being in the photos they take.


Location and Travel Instructions

The program begins at the Toronto Urban Studies Centre I.T. lab, located in room A20 in Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute, 800 Greenwood Avenue, one block north of Danforth Avenue at Strathmore Boulevard (use entrance #2, on Strathmore).The program ends at the intersection of Front Street and Yonge, north-east corner across from the Sony Centre.

by TTC:

Go to the Greenwood Subway Station. Walk one block west along Strathmore Boulevard; enter the school via the the door at the south east corner of Greenwood and Strathmore Avenues and follow the signs to Room A20. At the end of the day, walk west on Front Street to Union Station or north on Yonge Street to King Station.


by School Bus:

Buses stop on the north side of Strathmore Boulevard. Enter by the south east door and follow the signs to Room A20. At the end of the day, students are picked up at the Sony Centre, south east corner of Front Street East and Yonge Street. Groups using school buses should note that travel from the TUSC I.T. Lab to the area of King and Yonge is via TTC; one ticket per student is required, if over 12 years.