An Urban Oasis

An Urban Oasis


Curriculum Connections:

  • Science & Technology - Understanding Life Systems
  • Language - Oral Communication

Character Development:

  • program emphasizes respect, responsibility, teamwork and co-operation

Give your students the opportunity to actively explore how energy flows through a habitat in this exciting program taking place in High Park’s Black Oak Savannah or your own local green space. Activities such as a habitat study/photo hunt help students understand how the organisms have adapted to meet their energy needs. Through the day’s activities, students also come to understand that abiotic elements (sun, water, air, and nutrients) are turned into food energy by producers and then discover how that energy is cycled through the habitat via food chains and food webs. To bring all parts of the day together, students participate in a role-play simulation to experience the cycle of energy first hand!

Please Note: the terrain in High Park may be challenging for students in wheelchairs; contact TUSC for more information

Program Length: one day (9:30 am - 2:00 pm)
Availability: fall (September to mid November), spring (mid-April to June)
Location: High Park or your local green space.
Fee: Please find information on the fee structure here.

User fees help ensure the continuation of these learning experiences through partial cost recovery; fee schedule reflect rates subsidized by the Toronto District School Board.

TTC: children 12 years old and under ride for free!



Maximum: 30 students