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Curriculum Links: Live Streaming (formerly Ravine Stewardship)



  • Understanding Earth and Space Systems: Water Systems
    • 1:Assess the impact of human activities and technologies on water resources
    • 2:Investigate factors that affect local water quality
      • 2.1 follow established safety procedures for the use of apparatus and chemicals
      • 2.3 test water samples for a variety of chemical characteristics
      • 2.6 use appropriate science and technology vocabulary in oral and written communication



  • A2. Global Settlements: Patterns and Sustainability
    • A3.5 describe various ways in which human settlement has affected the environment



  • Data Management & Probability
    • collect data by conducting a survey or an experiment to do with themselves, their environment, issues in their school or community, or content from another subject, and record observations or measurements
    • read, interpret, and draw conclusions from primary data (e.g., survey results, measurements, observations)
  • Measurement
    • measure the circumference, radius, and diameter of circular objects, using concrete materials