Century Schoolhouse - Learning from the Past: the Good and the Bad

Century Schoolhouse - Learning from the Past: the Good and the Bad

This program is available virtually and in person at the Century Schoolhouse.


inside the schoolhouse

Curriculum Connections:

  • Social, Canadian and World Studies - Communities in Canada, 1780-1850, Living and Working in Ontario
  • The Arts - Drama and Dance
  • Language - Oral Communication, Reading, Media Literacy

Character Development:

  • program emphasizes respect and co-operation

girl in schoolhouse

Using the TDSB's 1890s replica schoolhouse, students are invited to explore what schooling was like for children during this time period. This offering includes an exploration of the land we now call Toronto. Residential Schools, early Canadian schooling and the diversity of Toronto's past will be addressed and used to compare to how schooling is currently experienced. The day begins looking at life in the area pre-contact and the Indigenous existence in the space before Europeans arrived.  We explore how the land was developed when Europeans arrived and the impact it had on traditional indigenous practices / lifestyle / use of space; connections to Social Studies and Language

Through consultation with the Urban Indigenous Education Centre, this program strives to explore schooling in the late 1800s in Ontario from a variety of perspectives, including a recognition of the impacts of colonialism, residential schools, and systemic racism. 

schoolhouse interior

Please Note: we regret that the Century Schoolhouse is not fully accessible for students in wheelchairs; contact TUSC for more information

NOTE:  This program best suits students in grade 3 and No longer includes "role play"

The schoolhouse setting could act as a trigger regarding traumatic experiences linked to residential schools. Please prepare your students and visiting adults for this possibility  

Program Length: one day (9:30 am - 2:00 pm)
Availability: fall (November to December), winter(January to mid-March), spring (mid-March to mid-May)
Location: The Century Schoolhouse
Fee: For information on fees visit the outdoor education registration page

User fees help ensure the continuation of these learning experiences through partial cost recovery; fee schedule reflect rates subsidized by the Toronto District School Board.

TTC: FREE for kids under 12 years

Maximum 30 students