Grade 2 Overview

Overview: Programs for Students in Grade 2

Students investigate patterns in nature and the work of land artists by collecting natural materials and creating pieces of art based on inquiry questions. The works are photographed and students discuss their work; connections to Art and Mathematics

Explore the journey that happens when water meets the different surfaces of our community (penetrates, flows, evaporates, etc.). Compare and contrast interactions with urban and natural materials; connections to Science & Technology and Social Studies

Students develop a positive, empathetic attitude towards soil invertebrates by studying their characteristics and engaging in several activities including games, finding various cryptozoa, classifying them and racing them; connections to Science & Technology

This program is designed for learners in Grades 1 and 2.  Through opportunities for hands-on explorations in our greenhouse, students will gain a deeper understanding of characteristics of living vs non-living things and how plants (and other living things) meet their basic needs.  Students may have the opportunity to participate in a variety of centre based learning activities and help care for and maintain the plants in our greenhouse as part of the program.  This program may include a walk in the local area.   (Location: Greenhouse beside the City Adult Learning Centre, across from Broadview station)


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