About Us

Introducing TUSC

Established by the Toronto Board of Education in 1978, the Toronto Urban Studies Centre offers 30 different cross-curricular programs for students in grades 2 to 8. 

When you participate in a TUSC program, you could find yourself visiting our on-site facilities in Danforth Collegiate (TUSC IT Lab and classroom), one of our many off-site locations including the TDSB Archives and Century Schoolhouse, a variety of museums and heritage sites, the TUSC greenhouse, numerous Toronto neighbourhoods, Kensington Community School, and green spaces such as High Park.


Known for innovative activities, TUSC programs feature:

  • outdoor field studies (surveys, activity kits, photography, guided walks)
  • museum visits (role-playing, interpretive tours)
  • greenhouse investigations ("hands-on" experiments)
  • Information Technology (digital imaging, geotechnologies - GPS and GIS, e-presentation media)

All program locations are accessible by TTC. To promote an awareness of the role of public transportation in urban life, central bussing is not provided.

Please note: artifacts from the former Archeological Resource Centre (ARC) operated by the Toronto Board of Education are now cared for by the Toronto District School Board: Museum and Archives; for information, contact the curator of the collection at: 416 393-3680.