Grade 6

Overview: Programs for Students in Grade 6


Offered at your school or at the TUSC Computer Lab. Students become "Detectives of History", exploring the concepts of: Observation, Inference, Continuity, Change, Bias, Primary/Secondary Sources, and Historical Significance in relation to indigenous and colonial education; connections to Social Studies


Through a variety of activities in TUSC’s IT Lab, students explore patterns, shapes, solids and types of symmetry (using our iPads and custom app). Armed with this knowledge and digital cameras, students search for real world examples of these elements on buildings in downtown Toronto.; connections to Mathematics

Available at High Park or your local green space. Spend a “day of diversity” in High Park. By participating in structured investigative and experiential activities in meadow, forest and aquatic habitats, students study biodiversity and the impact of invasive species; connections to Science & Technology

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