Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links: Plants and Soil: A Bond for Life 

In Plants and Soil: A Bond for Life, students have an opportunity to (specific links are shown in bold)


Science and Technology - Understanding Life Systems


Growth and Changes in Plants


Relating Science and Technology to Society and the Environment

  • 1.1 assess ways in which plants are important to humans and other living things, taking different points of view into consideration and suggest ways in which humans can protect plants... (Station C: A Model Loam and Station D: Incredible Shrinking Plants)

Developing Investigation and Communication Skills

  • 2.1 follow established safety procedures during science and technology investigations... (all activities)
  • 2.2 observe and compare the parts of a variety of plants... (Station B: Common Ground)
  • 2.6 use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including stem, leaf, root... (all activities)

Understanding Basic Concepts

  • 3.1 describe the basic needs of plants, needs of plants, including air, water, light, warmth, and space (all activities)


Science and Technology - Understanding Earth and Space Systems


Soils in the Environment


Relating Science and Technology to Society and the Environment

  • E2.1:  Identify the living and non-living components of soil, and describe the characteristics of healthy soil. 
  • E2.4:  Explain the process of erosion, including its causes andits impact on soils.

STEM Investigation and Communication Skills

  • A1.2:  Use a scientific experimentation process and associated skills to conduct investigation

Language - Oral and Visual Communication


Group Skills

  • contribute ideas appropriate to the topic in group discussion and listen to the ideas of others


Report Comments

Feel free to use these comments when completing reports.


  • During the Plants and Soils program at TUSC, *name* examined different soil compositions and characteristics. Based on this *he/she* made generalizations about how these soils are used. *name* also conducted an erosion experiment in order to investigate the nature of erosion and ways of controlling it.