Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links: Plants and High Park’s Early Settlers

In Plants and High Park’s Early Settlers, students have an opportunity to meet the following curriculum expectations (specific links are shown in bold)

Science and Technology - Understanding Life Systems

Growth and Changes in Plants

Developing Investigation and Communication Skills

  • 2.1 follow established safety procedures during science and technology investigations... (all activities throughout the day)
  • 2.2 observe and compare the parts of a variety of plants (all activities throughout the day)
  • 2.6 use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including stem, leaf, root ... (all activities throughout the day)

Understanding Basic Concepts

  • 3.5 describe ways in which humans from various cultures, including Aboriginal people, use plants for food, shelter, medicine, and clothing (all activities throughout the day)

Heritage & Citizenship - Communities in Canada 1780-1850

  • A1.1 describe some of the similarities and differences in various aspects of everyday life of selected groups living in Canada between 1780 and 1850 (moring activities)
  • A2.6 communcate the results of their enquires using appropriate vocabulary and formats (all activities throughout the day)
  • A3.5 describe the impact of some different kinds of settlements on the natural environment and on any existing settlement (all activities throughout the day)
  • A3.6 describe some key aspects of life in selected {First Nations, Metis, and} settler communities in Canada during this period, including the roles of men, women, and children (afternoon activities)
  • A3.7 describe how some different communities in Canada related to each other during this period, with a focus on whether the relationships were characterized by conflict or cooperation (morning activities)


Language - Writing

Word Use and Vocabulary Building

  • introduce new words from their reading into their writing (all activities throughout the day)

Visual Presentation

  • use visual material to reinforce a message... (all activities throughout the day)

Language - Reading

Vocabulary Building

  • understand frequently used specialized terms in different subject areas ... (all activities throughout the day)

Language - Media Literacy

Active Listening Strategies

  • demonstrate an understanding of appropriate listening behaviour by using active listening strategies in order to contribute meaningfully and work constructively in groups (all activities throughout the day)