Habitats and Communities - Virtual Greenhouse Program

Habitats and Communities - Greenhouse Program



Curriculum Connections:

  • Science & Technology - Understanding Life Systems
  • Language - Writing, Reading, Oral Communication


Character Development:

  • program emphasizes respect, responsibility, teamwork and co-operation

Students will meet virtually with the Greenhouse staff to explore a habitat through interactive activities both synchronous and asynchronous. They will explore the environmental conditions of the habitat, the challenges for the plants that live there, and the ways plants have adapted to the challenges. Students will also have the opportunity to virtually explore the human uses of several plants from that habitat and help the staff member decide which 'new arrival' plant should be added to our Greenhouse!

Pre-visit and post-visit activities are under development.

Program Length: full day in the greenhouse or two 60-75 minute virtual sessions offered on different days
Availability: fall (November to December), winter (January - mid-March), spring (mid-March to April)

Location: Greenhouse at City Adult Learning Centre (1 Danforth Avenue, accross the street from Broadview Subway Station)

Fee: Please find information on the fee structure here.