Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links: Putting Toronto in Perspective 

By participating in Putting Toronto in Perspective, students have an opportunity to (direct connections shown in bold)

Social Studies

Heritage and Identity: First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada

  • A1.1 describe some of the positive and negative consequences of contact between First Nations and Europeans in New France and analyse their significance
  •  A1.2 analyse aspects of early contact between First Nations and Europeans in New France to determine the ways in which different parties benefited
  • A1.3 explain some of the ways in which interactions between and among First Nations and Europeans in New France are connected to issues in present-day Canada 
  • A2.2 gather and organize information on interactions among and between First Nations and Europeans during this period, using a variety of primary and secondary sources that present various perspectives 
  • A2.3 analyse and construct maps as part of their investigations into interactions among and between First Nations and Europeans 
  • A3.1 identify major First Nations in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region and Atlantic Canada at the time of contact with Europeans
  • A3.3 describe the main motives for Europeans’ exploration in early Canada and for the establishment of permanent settlements 
  • A3.5 describe significant aspects of the interactions between First Nations and European explorers and settlers during this period 



  • summarize and explain the main ideas in information materials and cite details that support the main ideas (Activity #2)
  • make judgments and draw conclusions about ideas in written materials on the basis of evidence ( Activity #2)

Oral & Visual Communication

  • use constructive strategies in small-group discussions (all activities throughout the day)
  • follow-up on others’ ideas and recognize the validity of different points of view in group discussions or problem solving activities (all activities throughout the day)