Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links: Geotechnologies in Action

By participating in Geotechnology in Action, students have an opportunity to (direct connections are shown in bold):



 Natural Resources Around the World: Use and Sustainability

  • B1 Application: Natural Resources and Sustainability
  • B2 Inquiry: Investigating Issues Related to Natural Resources
  • B2.2 gather and organize data and information....(e.g. field work observations; using GPS units)
  • B2.3 analyze and construct maps as part of their investigation (e.g. annotated map to use as the basis of a tour)
  • B2.4 interpret and analyze data and information relevant to their investigations, using various tools and spatial technologies

Science and Technology 

  • Understanding Life Systems: Interactions in the Environment



  • identify the main ideas in information materials and explain how the details that support the main ideas (e.g. matching Word Descriptions to each location)
  • select appropriate reading strategies - skim text for specific information; record key points... (e.g. reading Word Descriptions during field work)
  • use a variety of strategies to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words (e.g. reading Word Descriptions during field work and when following Computer Manual for ArcView)
  • use the special terminology in a particular area of study... (e.g. when using ArcView)

Oral & Visual Communication

  • listen and respond constructively to alternative ideas or viewpoints (e.g. during field work)


  • the specific route themes for each group (i.e. Neighbourhood History, Greening the City and Servicing the City) reflect other subject areas of the Ontario Curriculum; e.g. History; Science and Technology