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Curriculum Links: Map with GIS 7

By participating in Map with GIS 7, students have an opportunity to (direct connections are shown in bold):



Physical Patterns in a Changing World

  • A1 Application: Interrelationships between People and the Physical Environment
  • A1.3 assess the physical environment in various locations around the world to determine which environments have the greatest impact on people
  • A2 Inquiry: Investigating Physical Features and Processes
  • A2.1 formulate questions to guide investigations into the impact of natural events... (throughout the program and through completed maps)
  • A2.2 gather and organize data in information...using various technologies, on the impact of natural events (students complete and use three to four maps during the program)
  • A2.3 analyze and construct maps as part of their investigations into the impact of natural events... (students use completed maps and tables in ArcView to answer questions)
  • A2.4 interpret and analyze data and information relevant to their investigations using spatial technologies (ArcGIS Online)
  • A3 Understanding Geographic Context: Patterns in the Physical Environment
  • A3.1 identify the location and describe the physical characteristics of various landforms (mountain chains, volcanoes, earthquakes)
  • A3.2 describe some key natural processes... (tectonic forces)



  • identify the main ideas in information materials and explain how the details that support the main ideas (e.g. matching Word Descriptions to each location)
  • select appropriate reading strategies - skim text for specific information; record key points... (e.g. when researching information on specific locations online)
  • use a variety of strategies to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words (e.g. when following Help Movies for ArcGIS Online)
  • use the special terminology in a particular area of study... (e.g. when using ArcGIS Online)

Media Literacy

  • produce a media text of some complexity for an intended purpose and audience