Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links: Geotechnologies in Action 8

By participating in Geotechnologies in Action, students have an opportunity to
(direct connections are shown in bold):






Global Settlement: Patterns and Sustainability

  • A1.3 describe possible features of a sustainable community (tree canopy, programs for water recycling, mass transit)
  • A2.1 formulate questions to guide investigations into issues...human settlements and sustainability (environmental perspectives, immigration)
  • A2.2 gather and organize data and information...using various technologies (using GPS units, digital cameras, ArcGIS Online software)
  • A2.3 analyze and construct various print and digital maps as part of their investigations...(finished map and follow-up activity)
  • A2.4 interpret and analyze data and information relevant to their investigation...(in follow-up activity: using annotated map as the basis of a tour)
  • A2.5 evaluate evidence and draw conclusions about issues...between human settlement and sustainability 
  • A3.6 describe some practices that individuals and communities have adopted to help make human settlements more sustainable (naturalized yards, disconnected downspouts, walk score)






  • identify the main ideas in information materials and explain how the details support the main ideas (in field work: matching Word Descriptions to each location)
  • select appropriate reading strategies - skim text for specific information; record key points... (reading Word Descriptions during field work)
  • use a variety of strategies to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words (reading Word Descriptions during field work)
  • use the special terminology in a particular area of study... (afternoon activities when using ArcGIS)



Oral & Visual Communication

  • contribute collaboratively in group situations... (during field work)
  • work with members in their groups to establish clear purposes and procedures for solving problems and completing projects (e.g. doing field work)
  • evaluate the effectiveness of an informational media work... (using checklist to evaluate in Follow-up Activities)



  • the specific route themes for each group (i.e. Neighbourhood History, Greening the City and Servicing the City) reflect other connected areas of the Ontario Curriculum; History CANADA, 1890-1914: A CHANGING SOCIETY- with a focus on the history of a local area in early 20th century; Geography: Global Settlement: Patterns and Sustainability


Report Comments

Feel free to use these comments when completing reports.


  • During the Geotech program at TUSC, *name* worked in a group to use GPS hardware to navigate a preset route. Using destinations on this route as prompts, *he/she* used ARCGIS software to create a custom map, including images and descriptions in order to create a presentation pertaining to environmental issues in the urban landscape.