Post Visit Activities

Post Visit Activities: Map with GIS 8

Depending how far your students completed the Story Map Tour, they can either continue adding photos and text to their Tour, or they can make some new maps. Use the same class login at

Our Help Movies are also on Youtube.  

To complete the Story Map Tour, watch movies #09 to #14.


Extension Investigation Using Gapminder

The website allows students to manipulate x and y axis topics and data, and then run the results of time for most countries of the world. Students can generate a hypothesis before playing the comparison and then investigate the results. They can even select individual countries and observe how they perform over time. An excellent resource that allows students to investigate global population trends.

Try out a Gapminder activity.

TED Talk: Maps that show us who we are (not just where we are)

The following TED Talk provides an effective balance to the ARC GIS Online map created by the students. There are many possible discussion points that come out of the presentation which can be used to further explore the topic of population distribution. View it at : Maps That Show Us Who We Are