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Touring the Tunnels Curriculum 

ESL Level 1, 2, 3
Open ESL


Students will:

1. demonstrate the ability to understand, interpret, and evaluate spoken English for a variety of 
2. use speaking skills and strategies to communicate in English for a variety of classroom and social 
3. use correctly the language structures appropriate for this level to communicate orally in English.


Listening for Specific Information

1.1 demonstrate comprehension of specific information in simple directions, instructions, with contextual and visual support

Listening to Interact

1.2 demonstrate understanding of clearly articulated, simple English on personal and familiar topics in highly structured interactive situations

Developing Fluency in Speaking

Speaking to Interact

2.1 engage in simple spoken interactions on personal and familiar topics

Developing Accuracy in Speaking

Grammatical Structures

3.1 use correctly the grammatical structures of spoken English appropriate for this level


1. read and demonstrate understanding of a variety of texts for different purposes; 2. use a variety of reading strategies throughout the reading process to extract meaning from texts; 3. use a variety of strategies to build vocabulary; 4. locate and extract relevant information from written and graphic texts for a variety of purposes.


Reading for Meaning

Reading a Variety of Texts

1.1 read a few different types of simple texts designed or adapted for English language learners

Demonstrating Understanding

1.2 demonstrate an understanding of simple texts in a variety of ways

Responding to and Evaluating Texts

1.3 respond to simple texts created or adapted for English language learners

Developing Research Skills

Locating Information

4.1 locate key information relating to the school and community in a variety of simple texts

Extracting and Organizing Information

4.2 extract and organize key facts from informational texts designed or adapted for beginning learners of English