Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links: Working with Plants


This program is non-graded as it is directed primarily at special needs students; therefore specific curriculum links may not be appropriate to your class.
However, since the content of the program most directly supports the grade 3 curriculum, these connections are outlined.

By participating in Working with Plants, students have an opportunity to:

Science and Technology - Life Systems

Relating Science and Technology to Society and the Environment

  • 1.2 assess the impact of different human activities on plants, and list personal actions they can engage in to minimize harmful effects and enhance good effects

Developing Investigation and Communication Skills

  • 2.2 follow established safety procedures....
  • 2.6 use appropriate science and technology vocabulary in oral and (if activity sheets are used) written communication

Understanding Basic Concepts

  • 3.1 describe the basic needs of plants including air, water, light, warmth, and space

Language - Oral and Visual Communication

Group Skills

  • contribute ideas appropriate to the topic in group discussion and listen to the ideas of others